School Visits

Inspire your boys and girls to pursue careers in
Science, Technology, Engineering & Mathematics and
Bring the new Common Core Curriculum Standards to life….

Invite “Elinor Smith Sullivan” to your school!

Long before Amelia Earhart’s famous exploits, female flyers had already proved that aviatrices were every bit as brave and daring as their male counterparts. Flying in flimsy wood and canvas aeroplanes, they awed and thrilled people on the ground — executing audacious acrobatic aerial maneuvers, soloing across the English channel, setting records, barnstorming and buzzing beneath New York’s bridges.  Undaunted by male skepticism, they were determined to show that anything that men could do, they could do better!

Inexplicably, these women’s astonishing accomplishments have been largely forgotten.  Carol Simon Levin brings their colorful stories to life.

NOTE ON FEES: As a librarian, I am keenly aware of the shrinkage of school library funding and the importance of books in children’s lives.  If you would like to use my visit as a way to raise money for your library, I am happy to donate my fee (less travel costs) to the school media center — these dollars can be used for the purchase of books on inspiring women, S.T.E.M. materials – particularly those emphasizing the role played by women in science and technology (a bibliography is available) — or any other titles needed by the libary. 

If your school would be interested in having “Elinor Smith Sullivan” come  for a “visit” to share the astonishing stories of these forgotten female aviators, contact Carol Simon Levin, cslevin59 @ gmail (dot) com, 908 781-6041. The program can be tailored for primary grades, middle school or high school audiences. It can also be presented in modern day dress if preferred.


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