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Check out these websites for more information on these fabulous flyers:

A Mighty Girl: I Want to Be a Pilot Great post celebrating aviation career possibilities and providing links to many inspiring stories.

Early Birds of Aviation, Inc.  Extensive well-researched biographies of aviators (male & female, of all nationalities) who flew solo before December 17, 1916 with images, bibliographies, and extensive web links to articles and media.

365 Amazing Aviation Achievements Short profiles of 365 different women in aviation compiled by Tami Lewis Brown, author of the picture book biography “Soar Elinor.”

Women in Aviation Resource Center  Dozens of articles on women in aviation compiled by Henry M. Holden, an author who has written extensively on this topic.

Smithsonian National Air & Space Museum – Women in Aviation  A-Z list with photos and short descriptions.

Woman Pilot Magazine

International Women’s Air & Space Museum Links of Interest

Ninety-Nines Female Pilot Association

National Aviation Hall of Fame About a dozen American women have been inducted.

http://www.formerdays.com/2012/06/aviatrix.html  — great photos

Aviation Pioneers : An Anthology http://www.ctie.monash.edu.au/hargrave/pioneers.html

8 Famous Female Aviators

Flying With America’s Most Famous Female Aviators
Read more: https://www.smithsonianmag.com/history/flying-with-americas-most-famous-female-aviators-146485573/#jvbvGImbTUI4Z5YH.99
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INDIVIDUALS — A good place to start is the Wikipedia article on each flyer which often have great links to other sources.

Aida de Acosta:
She Beat the Wright Brothers.  Eugene Register-Guard August 12, 1953.

“Baroness” Raymonde de la Roche:
CTIE Raymonde de la Roche 

Hélène Dutrieu:
Historic Wings: Helene Dutrieux and the Coupe Femina
Art in Society: Toulouse Lautrec, The Bicycle and the Women’s Movement Splendid scholarly article arguing that Hélène is the bicyclist depicted in Lautrec’s famous poster and analyzing the role of the bicycle in the women’s movement generally.

Marie Marvingt:
Marie Marvingt and the Development of Aeromedical Evacuation  by David M. Lam — extremely well-researched profile of this amazing athlete, aviatrix, and air ambulance pioneer. (this is a fee-based site, but you can probably  get a copy through InterLibrary Loan at your local library.)
Early Aviators: Marie Marvingt — timeline of Marie’s accomplishments
Historic Wings: La Fiancee du Danger
CTIE: Marie Marvingt
The Bride of Danger  Western Mail (Perth, Australia) Friday 8 May 1914 p.45
Fiance of Danger  An 86 year old French woman named Marie Marvingt has spent a life time courting adventure.   Sports Illustrated June 26, 1961
The Countdown 10 Greatest Female Athletes Ever  Glamour.  (Aug. 2008): p118.
Aerodrome discussion on Marie Marvingt
Discussion on WWI possible female combat pilots
Women Aviators for the Allies (includes  Victoria Perry – Bedminster NJ connection?)
Marie Marvingt – Famous but Forgotten

Harriet Quimby:

PBS: Chasing the Sun
NOVA: America’s First Lady of the Air
YouTube: Harriet Quimby is Making History
The Memory Palace: Remembering Harriet Quimby 

Blanche Stuart Scott:
Blanche Stuart Scott website
5000 Miles Overland – Digitized Book of Overland Auto Trip

Ruth Law:
Reading Rainbow video: Ruth Law Thrills a Nation –also has footage of Bessie Coleman, and Amelia Earhart, Jackie Cochran, and female astronauts:

Katherine and Marjorie Stinson:
Colores: PBS documentary on Katherine Stinson

Elinor Smith Sullivan:

New York Post: How This Bad-Ass Pilot Paved the Way for Female Aviators
Newsday: Elinor Smith Sullivan dies at 98
Activity Kit for Elinor Smith
Video: Elinor attempting the world altitude record
Elinor Smith

Ruth Elder:
CTIE: Ruth Elder

Ruth Nichols:
Ruth Nichols – Record Setter/Dare-Devil

DVD: Wings of their Own – interviews many pioneering female pilots

Image from “Wings Across America: WASP on the Web” (site below)

Links related to Flying Higher:  WWII WASPs (Women Airforce Service Pilots):  This is a work in progress…look for more links in the future.  For books on the WASP, see my annotated bibliography: nobodyownsthesky.wordpress.com/bibliography/

Terrific overview:  WASP video — 14 min. segment from the documentary Wings of their Own.  Other Youtube videos on the WASP follow.

Wings Across America: WASP on the Web  This huge digital project includes over 100 interviews with WASP across the country, a WASP timeline and a WASP App.  Audio and Video footage here. Virtual exhibit: www.wingsacrossamerica.org/flygirls-exhibit.html

The first scholarly study of the WASPs – Natalie Stewart-Smith’s 1981 Master’s Thesis The Women Airforce Service Pilots (WASP) of World War II: Perspectives on the Work of America’s First Military Women Aviators.

Texas Women’s University Archives on WASP The official archive of the WASPs. Astonishing wealth of information including history of the program, photographs, classbooks, WASP alumni publications and more. Also includes information on the Royal Air Force Air Transport Auxiliary.  Click here to search for an individual.

The National WASP Museum  waspmuseum.org  The official WASP museum in Sweetwater, Texas has virtual exhibits on the web as well.  Bibliography of books on the WASP and a timeline are here: waspmuseum.org/education

WWII-women-pilots.org   This extensive site compiled by C. Andy Hailey, a self-described K.O.W. “Kid of a WASP,” has numerous links, research studies, and videos (find the latter under the “news” tab).

National Women’s History Museum Online exhibit: https://www.womenshistory.org/exhibits/women-airforce-service-pilots-wasps-wwii


A Brief History of the WASPs by Nancy Parrish— the Director of WingsAcrossAmerica.com created this excellent overview film with archival footage in 2009.

 The Women Airforce Service Pilots of WWII–NHD 2011  This student-created video is a very nice overview of the WASP program.

Flygirls: Podcast

Night Witches: The Russian Female Fighter Pilots of WWII 

Dawn Seymour ’39 took to the skies during World War II
Dawn Seymour telling her story on The Moth


Lady Pilots Earned Little Recognition in World War II (article on another historical interpreter)

PBS NewsHour on the Congressional Award

WASP filled with colorful pilots

WASP pilots finally recognized for service

Liz Strohfus


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